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Conservation Resources for Businesses

These materials and more are available free of charge to commercial businesses located within the Marina Coast Water District service area. Please note it is California Law that hotels and motels provide signs in rooms telling guests that they have the option of choosing not to have towels and linens washed daily. It is in the District's ordinance that the owner and manager of each hotel, motel, restaurant, convention and other visitor-serving facility shall ensure that such facility displays, in places visible to all customers, placards or decals approved by the District, promoting public awareness of the need for water conservation and advising the public that waste of water is prohibited. To check availability and request supplies for your business, please contact our Water Conservation Staff at (831) 384-6131 or email us at conservation@mcwd.org.

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Table-tent placard reminding customers to ask for water

Placard for restrooms or display at entryway

Placard informing guests of linen program

Placard informing guests of towel program

Design Your Own Water-Wise Landscape

Design your own Water-Wise landscape.

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