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Water Conservation in Marina

Stage 2 Voluntary Water Use Restrictions

Dear Marina Coast Water District Customer,

Due to the persisting drought, and to achieve a Stage 2 and 20% by the year 2020 water production reduction goal, The following state mandatory water use restrictions and Marina Coast Water District Stage 2 voluntary water use restrictions are in effect until further notice.

The State mandated water use restrictions are:

  • Irrigation of ornamental turf in roadway medians and parkway strips is prohibited.
  • Hotels and motels shall clearly offer guests a limited linen/towel exchange program.
  • Restaurants shall not serve water to customers unless requested.

To achieve Marina Coast Water District Stage 2 goals, customers are asked to practice the following voluntary irrigation practices:

  • Only apply irrigation water as needed (follow the MCWD Landscape Watering Guide).
  • Eliminate or limit irrigation of turf to only two days per week or less.
  • Limit irrigation of shrubs and ground covers to no more than two days per week.

In addition to the Stage 2 voluntary irrigation practices listed above, customers are asked to follow the mandatory water use restrictions that remain in effect at all times:

  • No person shall cause, or permit water to run to waste.
  • Spray irrigation events shall only occur before 10:00 a.m. and after 5:00 p.m.
  • No person shall irrigate their landscapes at any time during or 48 hours after a rainfall event.
  • Using potable water to clean driveways, sidewalks, or other hard surfaced areas, except where necessary to protect public health or safety, is not permitted.
  • Using a hose for the permitted washing of buildings and vehicles without the use of an automatic shut-off nozzle is prohibited.
  • Potable water should not be used in fountains, unless the water recirculates.
  • Plumbing and irrigation leaks, breaks, or defects shall be repaired within 72 hours.
  • Public entities shall display placards or decals promoting water conservation.
  • Restaurants shall not serve water to customers unless requested.
  • Watering with recycled or other non-potable water may continue without restriction.

Please review the District's Water Conservation Ordinance and Water Shortage Contingency Plan. To learn more about how to prevent water waste or how California is dealing with the effects of the drought, visit Drought.CA.Gov. To find out how everyone can do their part to conserve water, visit Save Our Water.

Thank you for doing your part to conserve water in this time of severe drought!

To participate and provide input on District policies and regulations, the public is invited to attend meetings of the Water Conservation Commission and the District's Board of Directors. To learn more about Marina Coast Water District meeting dates, rules, water efficiency programs and water use restrictions, visit the Public Meetings page or call us at (831) 384-6131.

MCWD has free water-saving devices for all district customers. Available are 1.5 gallon per minute water-efficient showerheads, low-flow faucet aerators, hose end shut-off nozzles, and toilet leak detection tablets.

Click through the Conservation menu items above to learn more details about the following rebate and incentive programs.

  • Up to $2,000 for Single-Family sites, and $5,000 for Multi-Family, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial, and Large Landscape sites for the replacement of irrigated, natural lawn with low water use landscape and the conversion of automated sprinkler systems to drip irrigation
  • $150 for the replacement of a standard irrigation controller with a new, "smart" irrigation controller
  • Up to $100 for the installation of a Rain or Soil Moisture Shut-Off switch
  • Up to $250 in material reimbursement for installing a new hot water recirculation pump
  • Up to $200 for retrofitting to Maximum Performance Tested (MaP) Premium-rated toilets and the account has been completely retrofitted to HET or UHET toilets
  • Up to $150 when purchasing an ENERGYSTAR rated clothes washer
  • Up to $100 for the installation of a Master Shut-off Valve
  • Up to $100 for the installation of a Flow Sensor

*Please do not start your landscape retrofit project until receiving project approval from the District. These incentives require pre-approval.

For assistance with leaks, high water use, or efforts to conserve water, contact us at (831) 384-6131.

MCWD's Water Conservation Coordinator is available at 384-6131 to answer any questions or help you out with water problems you may have.

Watch the 4-minute "Don't Waste a Drop" Conservation Video:

Watch the 30-second "Don't Waste a Drop" Conservation Video:

MCWD Conservation Video: Don't Waste a Drop

Watch the "Don't Waste a Drop" Conservation Video.

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