Water-Wise Program Procedures

Please, do not start any landscape renovation or product installation until after receiving written project approval from the District. Before starting any project, purchasing equipment, applying to, and participating in the program, customers must call (831) 384-6131 to schedule a meeting with District staff. The project must first be reviewed, and then a required Landscape Site Survey conducted by District staff must be completed. The Landscape Site Survey takes about one hour of time on site. The homeowner, responsible party, or a designee who has access to the irrigation system controls must be present for the appointment.

  • During the project review, the Applicant shall describe the proposed project or conversion to staff.  Staff will then verify the existing landscape and irrigation system size and condition, components, and current water use. For large and/or complex projects, staff may request the applicant provide a landscape plan.
  • To assure efficient operation of any new irrigation system or components, staff may require adjustments, repairs, and modifications to the existing system be made prior to project completion and final project approval by the District.
  • Only once the project is initially reviewed, the Landscape Site Survey completed, and the Landscape Incentive Application Form filled out with the assistance of the District staff, is the application accepted and initial project approval given by staff.
  • Once approved, the project may proceed as planned, to completion. District staff must be notified and approve of any design changes made while the project is proceeding. All projects must be completed within 60 days; otherwise the program application will be rejected.
  • To assure compliance, quality, and performance, it is recommended that only a licensed, insured landscape contractor install irrigation components or modify your existing landscape. Check with your local jurisdictional officials and inquire about city, county and water district codes and ordinances before installing or modifying your irrigation system or landscape.
  • Once the project is completed, the applicant must schedule a follow-up site inspection with the District. District staff will verify installation and compliance with the Design Criteria, check irrigation system operation, and will assist in irrigation scheduling if required.  Also at this time, the District staff will request the Applicant provide the original itemized product or service receipts.
  • If the project is completed as planned, the District staff then signs the application form verifying project completion and processes the incentive payment.
Design Your Own Water-Wise Landscape

Design your own Water-Wise landscape.

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