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Landscape Incentive Program Description

NOTICE: All Landscape Incentive projects must be preapproved by the District before work may proceed. If not preapproved, the project will not be eligible for the incentive. Please call our Water Conservation Specialist at (831) 384--6131 for preapproval of your project.

Approximately 50 percent of residential water use is for landscaping. It is estimated that landscape water use can be reduced by 15 to 40 percent when people install modern irrigation equipment including evapotranspiration-based irrigation controllers (IT controllers). The replacement of irrigated turf grass with drought tolerant plants and alternative landscape materials can reduce landscape water demand by approximately 77 percent.

Water-Wise landscape projects produce water efficient landscapes as an attractive alternative to grass lawns, which do not always perform well in areas with sandy soil, high winds, and long periods without rain. By proper planning, design, soil amendments, appropriate plant selection, efficient irrigation techniques, appropriate use of turf, mulches, and maintenance, a successful, appealing landscape can be developed without increasing peak summertime demands on our water system. For more information, see the Principles of Water-Wise Landscaping.

The Water-Wise Landscape Incentive Program promotes water conservation by providing an incentive to customers to retrofit old, inefficient irrigation equipment, and to replace lawn areas with low water use plantings and hardscape features.

Current incentives:

Learn about program procedures and eligibility requirements. Please call our Water Conservation Specialist at (831) 384-6131 for a program application form and preapproval of your project.


Design Your Own Water-Wise Landscape

Design your own Water-Wise landscape.

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