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Project and Product Eligibility

NOTICE: All Landscape Incentive projects must be preapproved by the District before work may proceed. If not preapproved, the project will not be eligible for the incentive. Please call our Water Conservation Specialist at (831) 384--6131 for preapproval of your project.

Only Marina Coast Water District customers are eligible to participate in the Water-wise Landscape Incentive Program.

The program applicant must be the property owner.

Incentives are only provided for renovations to existing landscapes.  New construction projects are not eligible for incentives. The landscape incentives are estimated and provided by individual landscape sites. The definition of a landscape site is the area served by a single, metered water service.

Only District approved ET-based irrigation controllers master valves, flow sensors, and rain or soil moisture shut-off switches are eligible for those specific incentives.  The ET-based irrigation controllers must adjust watering parameters, including but not limited to, duration, frequency, and start times, automatically based upon current, local reference evapotranspiration data provided by the California Irrigation Management Information System (CIMIS) or similar, localized, weather-based information system or monitoring device .

Design Your Own Water-Wise Landscape

Design your own Water-Wise landscape.

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