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Hot Water Recirculation Pump Rebates

NOTICE: All hot water recirculation pump retrofits must be preapproved by the District before work may proceed. If not preapproved, the project will not be eligible for the incentive. Please call our Water Conservation Specialist at (831} 384-6131 for preapproval of your hot water recirculation pump installation project.

Marina Coast Water District Customers are eligible for incentive money when retrofitting to a hot water recirculation system! Hot water system modifications can help lower water use in your home by reducing the amount of water sent to waste while waiting for hot water to arrive at your faucet or showerhead.

The District will provide a rebate, up to $250, for the retrofitting of a hot water system to include a recirculation pump. The rebate will be equal to the purchase price of the pump and materials, not to exceed $250.

The following steps must be completed by the property owner to be eligible for a rebate:

  1. The applicant must complete a pre-construction Water Use Survey and receive initial project approval from the District representative before construction.
  2. The applicant must complete the retrofit work within 60 days; otherwise the program application will be rejected.
  3. Once the project is completed, the applicant must schedule a follow-up site inspection with the District to verify the installation of the recirculation pump, timer, and thermostat.
  4. The applicant must provide the District representative with the original itemized receipts for the recirculation pump and any associated materials.

To be eligible for the rebate, all hot water recirculation systems must have a pump with a timer and thermostat regulating the recirculation pump hours and water temperature; or there must be a demand control system installed.

For more detailed information, please see our Program Procedures, Terms of Agreement, and Program Eligibility Requirements.

Please remember to call us at (831) 384-6131 before you start.

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