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Please Report Water Emergencies and Water Waste

Marina Coast Water District is dedicated to addressing water loss and water waste in our community.
You can help us respond to water emergencies and address water waste by reporting such events to the District.

All reports are kept confidential and can be submitted anonymously.

Water Emergencies

Some examples of water emergencies include leaks that can be caused by a ruptured water main, a broken service lateral, or a damaged fire hydrant, etc.

  • An actively gushing or spraying pipe
  • An unexplained wet spot in the street or ground

To report water emergencies, please call the District at (831) 384-6131. After business hours, you will reach our on-call phone dispatcher.

Water Waste

Some examples of non-emergency water waste include:

  • Run-off from irrigation onto paved surfaces
  • Hosing down paved surfaces for reasons other than health & safety
  • Watering plants or car washing without a shut-off hose nozzle
  • Irrigation system leaks

To report non-emergency water waste, please fill out the form below. Water waste can also be reported by calling (831) 384-6131 during business hours or by mailing a report to 11 Reservation Road, Marina CA 93933-2099.

If you choose to call or mail in the report, please include the following information:

  • Location (address and detailed description)
  • Date and time of day
  • Description of the water waste
  • Photo of the waste or leak, if possible

Water Waste Reporting Form

Fields marked with an asterisk ("*") are required.

To report leaks outside of the Marina Coast Water District service area, please visit http://savewater.ca.gov/.

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