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MCWD Videos

"I'm Water" Conservation Video

Hydrostratigraphy and Water Quality in the Northern Salinas Valley

Recycled water pipeline being constructed from Marina to Seaside (Offsite at KSBW.com)

Recycled Water Pipeline, Marina to Seaside

Citizens 4 Just Water Forum on Problems with Cal Am's Proposed Desal — Keith Van Der Maaten and Q&A

Study reveals fresh groundwater in Marina and Fort Ord area

Fresh Groundwater Found in Marina

View the video at KION 5/46 News Channel website.

State-of-the-Art Technology Finds More Freshwater Underground in Marina

Fresh Groundwater Found in Marina

View the video at KSBW 8 News Channel website.

August 7th MCWD Board/GSA Meeting AEM Preliminary Results Presentations by Stanford's Ian Gottschalk and Geohydrologist Curtis Hopkins

Stanford Earth's Rosemary Knight on mapping underground freshwater resources and forecasting saltwater intrusion

Securing Our Water Supply

Graphic Illustration of the AEM Survey of the Salinas Valley


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