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Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports

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Annual Budgets

2018-2019   2017-2018   2016-2017   2015-2016   2014-2015   2012-2013   2011-2012

Rates, Fees & Charges

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Comprehensive Rate Study & Cost Allocation Analysis

Public Workshop #1 | October 9, 2017 (PowerPoint)
Public Workshop #2 | November 6, 2017 (PowerPoint)

Public Workshop #3 | December 4, 2017 (PDF)

Project Status Update (PowerPoint)

2017 Water, Sewer, and Recycled Water Master Plans | October 23, 2017

Rate and Fee Studies

2018 Cost of Service and Rate Study
2018 Cost Allocation Plan

2013 Financial Plan and Rate and Fee Study

Information on Employee Financial Compensation

Government Compensation in California (California State Controller's Website)

Agency Report of Public Official Appointments – FPPC Form 806

View or Download Form 806

California Code of Regulations section 18705.5(b)((3) permits a District Director to make or participate in a decision on his or her appointment to a joint powers agency or authority (e.g., M1W), a board or commission of another public agency, or to a committee of MCWD that provides compensation (e.g., stipend per meeting). MCWD must post on its website a single Form 806, which lists all of such paid appointed positions. When there is a change in compensation or a new appointment is made, the Form 806 is updated to reflect the change. Any salary or stipend for serving as a MCWD Director is not reported on Form 806.

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